Branded Beauty And Skincare Products


Branded Beauty And Skincare Products

SPRET Trading LLC is known to provide some of the most thoughtfully curated collections of beauty and skincare products. The company is known for its shopper-friendly services of “try-before-you-buy”. Our stores can be found in 25 different locations across the UAE.

Another reason for our success is our strong and fast-growing team from diverse cultures and backgrounds. At SPRET Trading LLC our employees get provided training programs, engaging platforms, and an incentive policy. This is to create a culture that encourages a Pursuit of Excellence.

At a single glance, SPRET Trading LLC is currently operating across GCC in 5 different countries, including Dubai. We are equally proficient in operating via retail ownership and franchise models. Our business growth is over 30% year on year with an over 100% return on equity. Our growth is hundred percent organic across new markets, new locations, and new brands. We are proud to say that owners of indigenous developed skincare and beauty brands. These brands include:

1. Lavelier

2. OROGOLD Cosmetics

3. Zero Gravity

4. Tresor Rare

5. OPATRA London


1. Lavelier:

Lavelier is a brand that emerged after the discovery of red-coral seaweed possessing skin-beautifying properties. Central to this brand are products packed with this one-of-a-kind ingredient. With a skincare range that targets various skin-related issues, Lavelier is a rapidly emerging brand that is bringing new options for skincare lovers to the market.

From serums that give you smooth and firm skin- specifically under the eyes and around the neck-, Facial peels that gently exfoliate your skin, to Bio-syringes and Masques that rejuvenate your aging skin, Lavelier offers it all! Its skincare range incorporates the use of replenishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, sea algae, and collagen as well.

Lavelier Products Include:

1. Intensive Facial Peel

2. Hydrotherm Intense Masque

3. Fine Line Eye Serum

4. Advanced Marine Bio Syringe

All these products have an overall 5-star rating from customers worldwide. These products are available across UAE in different stores such as Dubai Mall, Dubai, Mall Of Emirates, Dubai, Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, The Galleria Mall, Abu Dhabi, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi


2. OROGOLD Cosmetics:

OROGOLD Cosmetics which is an America-based luxury skincare brand is one of the many brands that are available at SPRET Trading LLC. Their main focus revolves around an anti-aging line for more youthful and beautiful skin. Our skincare products consist of the highest quality ingredients to make our luxurious formulas. These ingredients include 24 karat gold, pearl powder, and diamond dust.

OROGOLD Cosmetics has over 16 collections and 75 luxury beauty cosmetics. With such a wide range of OROGOLD Cosmetics, we have a product for every skin problem, skin type, and every customer. Our beauty boutiques can be found in countries across the globe such as San Francisco, Dubai, Singapore, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Russia, Spain, London, and other well-known countries.

Our Products Include:

1. 24k Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum

2. 24k Multi-Vitamin Night Nourishment + Retinol

3. 24k Classic Hand & Body Cream

4. 24k Deep Moisturizer


3. Zero Gravity:

The brand Zero Gravity got founded with one principle in mind: is to develop and deliver effective and safe anti-aging products all around the globe. The brand is proud to be an inventive leader in the ADM or Aesthetic Devices Market.

Zero Gravity produces an effective LED light therapy system for facial skin rejuvenation. Our product Perfectio™ is an FDA Class II medical device.

Research conducted by NASA concluded that LED aids in the healing of human wounds, burns, and diabetic skin ulcers. SPRET Trading LLC is pleased to bring you red light skin rejuvenation therapy.

LED technology delivers dosages of energy to the skin in a gentle manner. This helps in producing collagen while simultaneously earring any signs of aging in the upper skin of the layer or epidermis.

Our bestselling products include:

1. Perfectio By Zero Gravity

2. Perfectio X

3. Perfectio X Special Edition

4. Sapphire X By Zero Gravity

All these products have an overall 4.6-star rating by customers and beauty experts worldwide.



Mrs. Genia Russo, the founder of the brand TRÉSOR RARE had a vision of an all-rounder skincare product. This all-rounder skincare product would have all the natural healing properties a skincare product could have. The brand is known to push the limits of setting new standards in superb, age-defying skincare products.

Since its founding in 2014, the brand has expanded its operations in major cities across the world such as Hong Kong, Macau, Mauritius, Madrid, San Sabastian, The Bahamas, Mexico, and Dubai.

At SPRET Trading LLC, you can find the following products which have an overall 4.5-star rating:

1. Facial Duo

2. Majestic Creamy Body Mousse

3. Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel


5. OPATRA London:

OPATRA London a Britain-founded internationally acclaimed skincare brand is known for its customer-oriented approach. The brand has created some of the most unique and versatile range of products and devices which are ideal for all skin types. Since their foundation in 2010, they are known for pioneering easy-to-use devices and skincare products that help all skin types look firmer, younger, and brighter.

Some of their products include:

1. Dermieye

2. Dermipores

3. Synergy Face

4. Synergy Neck

All these products are available at SPRET Trading LLC stores and websites. Customers all over the world recommend them and have given their products an overall 4.5-star rating.

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