• Furqan Athar
    Managing Director

    Furqan Athar

    Managing Director

    Furqan’s 20+ years expertise in shopping centre investment, underwriting, and operational finance is well-known across the region. He has extensive experience in all aspects of the shopping centre industry, most specifically in investment management and value creation.

    In previous management positions with Majid Al Futtaim Shopping Centres and Al Futtaim Group Real Estate, he has been instrumental in the financial and strategic planning of some of the Middle East and Asia’s most successful shopping centres and mixed-use developments.

    • Sandra
      Marketing Manager
      • Hadya
        CRM Admin
      • Ahmed
        Graphic Designer
    • Bilal
      MIS/ IT Manager
      • Abin Raj
        IT Assistant Officer
    • Mazhar
      Finance Manager
      • Jawad
        Accounts Officer
    • Fabio
      Sales Trainer
    • Yana
      HR Manager


      HR Manager

      Yanina has always been a striver for personal and professional growth. She is has an eye to recognize a perfect candidate and has been effectively involved in recruitment and candidate selection process. She is that prefect bridge between the management and employee and maintains her best relations at both the ends.

      She built a strong academic base in her home country in Belarus with a graduation in BA. While pursuing one degree she joined a second program in French-Belarusian Institute of Management which allowed her to graduate from two different universities at the same time. Further she achieved a Masters in tourism and hospitality at ESEI International Business School in Barcelona.

      Pursuing international career development, I have moved to Dubai and is currently profusely hiring for all the brands under Spret Retail.

      • Sarah
        HR Assistant
    • Jack Cohen
      Director Sales / Operations


      Director Sales & Operations

      Jack is responsible for the growth and profitability of Spret Trading LLC focusing on the Retail sector through Brand and Franchise selection, Acquisition, Expansion and Management.

      With more than 15 years of experience in retail across the US and the Middle East, Jack coordinates and implements plans designed to increase existing business and capture new opportunities. He tracks new markets and emerging trends, recommends new products and services, proposes and develops new strategic partnerships, writes proposals and plans and guides long-term objectives to meet business needs and requirements.

      • Raz
        Sales Manager
        • Yaffite
          Store Mgr OGDM & LVDM 20 Sales Staff
        • Mary
          Store Mgr TRGAL , OPGAL TRMM , OPYAS 20 Sales Staff
        • Ron
          Store Mgr TRDM & ZGDM 20 Sales Staff
        • Itay
          Store Mgr OPDMS , OPDMK OPJBR 20 Sales Staff
        • Amir
          Store Mgr TRDHM & OGDHM 20 Sales Staff
        • Narisa
          Store Mgr X-Steam 8 Sales Staff
      • Usman
        Warehouse Officer
      • Shabbir
        Logistics Officer
        • Sohaib
        • Awais