What Influences Your Purchase Of Skincare Or Beauty Products?

Skincare and makeup lovers such as us spend countless hours checking out shelves and shelves. 

The mind boggling question that arises is what influences our purchase of skincare or beauty products? The exact answer to this is still not found. No one has a definitive answer to why we love makeup and skincare. A couple of scientific researches have found various reasons as to why we do what we do. 

1. Using The Best Skincare Products Feels Nice:

When women buy or wear premium skincare products or any skincare products their brain releases dopamine. Luxurious skincare products simply are one of the ways to enhance natural beauty. Which is why wearing makeup or using skincare makes women feel more confident in their skin. 

Plus nowadays skincare products cater to all problems. Be it dark circles or premature aging – there is a product to reverse any damage caused. This is the reason why international skincare products such as Lavelier and Opatra are loved by women. 

2. Using Natural Skincare Products Is The Key To Youth:

Our brains unconsciously decipher the age of women with brighter eyes, plumper lips and fresher skin. Automatically, such appearance looks younger to us. A lip color that makes your lips look redder/pinker automatically gets associated with beauty and healthiness. 

The same goes with using premium skincare products such as using lip scrubs/masks – the colour of the lips becomes brighter and lips appear more supple. 

Makeup enhances your natural features. Beauty products can make your features shorter, longer, slimmer or plumpier according to your needs. Makeup can also make lips look smaller, plumpier, and more pink/red. 

The use of internationally known skin care products such as Lavelier, Orogold Cosmetics, Zero Gravity yield similar results. This includes creams, peels, and scrubs. Thus it is true that older women can look younger and vice versa due to different techniques and application manners. 

3. One Feels More Confident:

It is commonly known that an instant boost in a person’s mood increases their confidence level. This is also possible by looking good, taking care of oneself. Using luxurious skincare products makes one feel confident and appear more trustworthy. Even Bobby Brown says:

“Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.”

4. People Get More Attracted To You:

Women want to look more feminine and attractive which is why they spend so much on makeup every month or so. 

It is no secret that a woman wants to enhance her natural facial features when she puts on makeup or uses natural skincare products before bed. Decreasing the puffiness underneath the eyes using a mask, using a concealer or moisturizing, putting on a bold lip colour. All this behaviour and habits can make any woman feel like a supermodel. 

5. Success Stories Make Us Want To Buy Natural Skincare Products:

A success story comes with real proof as to why it became a success. It is meant to produce positive feelings in us. Doesn’t matter if it is written or conveyed through a video – if it brings in positive feelings you are most likely to buy the skincare brand’s products. 

Storytelling makes our brains activate certain parts of the brain and make it more active. If the story is persuasive our brain automatically gets hooked. It is due to this fact that most international skincare brands present their success stories and gain our trust.

They communicate positive imagery to us and activate our brain with storytelling. This is a smart way of pushing our buttons.

6. Packaging, Packaging, Packaging:

One cannot stress this enough that proper packaging is one of the prime factors of purchasing skincare/makeup products. Ask yourself a question. How many times have you bought luxurious skincare products only because of their attractive packaging? 

Internationally known skincare brands such as Opatra, Lavelier and Tresor Rare make sure that not only their products but also their packaging is attractive. 

The Takeaway:

From impressive story telling to making use of products and seeing changes all of these actions make women feel more confident and appear more trustworthy. It’s a chain of events which eventually leads us to influence our purchase patterns when it comes to buying cosmetics or skincare products.